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Shrimp Creole Base 2.61 oz

Featuring the perfect balance of onion, bell pepper, garlic and herbs, our Shrimp Creole sauce is a New Orleans classic…just add shrimp and serve over rice!

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Endless Delicious Variations

Alligator Sauce Piquante

Need to impress some out-of-town visitors with your culinary chops, but don’t have all day? Wow them with an authentic and rib-sticking alligator dish! With Louisiana Fish Fry Shrimp Creole and Gumbo Bases, you can craft an authentic Louisiana dinner they’ll definitely write home about.

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Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Don’t skimp on shrimp! This spin on a classic Etouffée swaps out the rice for pasta for a tasty and satisfying dish that channels Louisiana’s Italian traditions as well as classic Cajun foodways.

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Redfish Courtbouillon

This classic Cajun stew is now as simple as 1 (Louisiana Fish Fry Etouffée Base), 2 (Louisiana Fish Fry Shrimp Creole Base), 3 (tomato sauce)! A holiday favorite, an authentic courtbouillion will always be a crowd pleaser. Your guests will think you spent hours on this festive Louisiana dish!

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