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Dirty Rice Mix – Box 8 oz

Dirty rice…clean plates! Just add ground meat to our blend of rice and spices, and you’re in for a delicious Louisiana favorite.

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Endless Delicious Variations

Cravin' Cajun Stuffed Bell Peppers

Think outside that Dirty Rice box! Here’s a fun and different way to incorporate a Cajun classic with fresh produce and a flavorful blend of proteins. Your peppers will thank you!

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Cajun Meat Loaf

An American favorite…Cajun style! Ramp up your classic meat blend with a little Louisiana Fish Fry Seafood Sauce and a few shakes of our Cajun Seasoning blend for a Louisiana twist. Pairs great with our Spicy Cajun Green Beans and Out-of-Mayo Potato Salad.

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Tailgate Jambalaya

Wow your guests at the game with a jammin’ jambalaya! Our flavorful take on a Cajun classic will be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Throw in your favorite seafood for a personalized twist!

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