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Cajun Drip Twisted Citrus 2 oz

Our NEW! Cajun Drip seasoned butter sauces are here to level up your boiled seafood game with a burst of flavor! Your seafood will be dripping in finger-licking goodness. Just mix with butter and toss with your favorite seafood – it’s that easy!

Packed with garlic and citrus to bring a Twisted Citrus taste to your boiled seafood.

PRO TIP: Use seasoned butter on fish fillets, bread, and more!

Endless Delicious Variations

Shrimp Creole

Louisiana is known for its fresh seafood and bold flavors, and our Shrimp Creole Base brings them together flawlessly. Just add shrimp, butter and tomato sauce to create this delectable Creole restaurant favorite at home!

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Baked Crawfish Pasta

Looking for a different spin on a classic Etouffée? Try swapping out the rice for pasta, and even throwing in another protein to complement the requisite crawdads. Our fail-safe Etouffée Base seals the deal!

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New Orleans Style Lemon Fish Fry

There’s nothing like lemon to freshen up a fry. Whether you pulled dinner out of the river yourself or just brought it home from the supermarket, our New Orleans Style Fish Fry is something everyone shows up hungry for.

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