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Cajun Drip Chili Crush 2 oz

Our NEW! Cajun Drip seasoned butter sauces are here to level up your boiled seafood game with a burst of flavor! Your seafood will be dripping in finger-licking goodness. Just mix with butter and toss with your favorite seafood – it’s that easy!

Packed with garlic, chili, and spices to bring a Chili Crush taste to your boiled seafood.

PRO TIP: Use seasoned butter on fish fillets, bread, and more!

Endless Delicious Variations

Classic Fried Fish Po’ Boy

This Louisiana staple was made famous in New Orleans and traditionally has crispy battered fried catfish sandwiched between French bread that’s crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Pair with our creamy tartar sauce and pile with lettuce, tomato and pickles to dress up this Louisiana favorite!

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Fried Green Tomatoes

A deliciously classic Southern recipe so good they named a movie after it.

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Air Fried Cajun Totchos

Meet your new favorite snack: Air Fried Cajun Tachos! This quick recipe uses tater tots as a crispy potato base and then piles classic Mexican ingredients on top of added flavor. We give our tachos a Cajun twist by tossing the tots in Cajun seasoning but there are endless ways to customize this recipe!

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