New Orleans Style Lemon Fish Fry

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There’s nothing like lemon to freshen up a fry. Whether you pulled dinner out of the river yourself or just brought it home from the supermarket, our New Orleans Style Fish Fry is something everyone shows up hungry for.


  • 1 Bag Louisiana Fish Fry Products New Orleans Style Fish Fry Seafood Breading Mix, 10 Oz. Bag
  • 4 Pounds Thin Catfish Filets
  • Ice Water
  • Neutral Vegetable Oil, For Deep Frying


    • Rinse fish well in a bowl of ice cold water. Shake off excess water.
    • Coat fish completely in New Orleans Style Lemon Fish Fry seafood breading mix until very well coated.
    • Deep fry fish at 350 until internal temperature is 145 and fish is golden brown.
    • Serve fish on a platter.

    Plus it up: lemon slices, parsley, Louisiana Fish Fry Tartar Sauce


    Clean Catfish

    Be sure to remove the dark, fatty bits from your catfish, as these will carry an especially fishy flavor.

    Best Fish to Fry

    The best fish for frying tends to be lean and neutrally flavored, like catfish. (Oysters and peeled shrimp work great, too, of course!) Heartier fish like tuna and snapper are best for grilling or pan-searing.

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