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Smashed Garlic Boil Booster 8 oz

Boil Boosters takes the chopping, peeling and dicing out of your seafood boil. Kick your seafood boil up a notch with Louisiana Fish Fry’s Boil Boosters.

Packed with flavorful garlic and onion to BOOST your boil.

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Endless Delicious Variations

“Official” Crawfish Boil Recipe

Anyone who says you can’t get any better than a classic Cajun seafood boil told you wrong. Ramp up any boil by doubling (or tripling!) up on your boil spices! We like to make use of our whole array of boil mixes, from our powdered spices, to our liquid boil, to our handy seed boil bag. So much flavor, that naysayer won’t know what hit him!

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Traditional Stovetop Boil

Bring the boil from backyard to stovetop with this simple and delicious recipe.

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Baked Crawfish Pasta

Looking for a different spin on a classic Etouffée? Try swapping out the rice for pasta, and even throwing in another protein to complement the requisite crawdads. Our fail-safe Etouffée Base seals the deal!

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