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Seafood Sauce 12 oz

Sweet, spicy and loaded with pepper, this versatile sauce makes a fantastic BBQ marinade or dip for boiled and fried seafood.

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Endless Delicious Variations

Cajun Burgers "Seasoned & Sauced"

We’re about to step up your cookout with an easy twist on burgers that’ll really hit the spot. The secret ingredient? Our bold Cajun Seasoning blend. And you can leave all those tired old condiments in the fridge. Our Remoulade Sauce is all you need to take your Cajun burgers to the next level!

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Sweet Spicy Saucy Dressing

Want to bring that savory seafood goodness to your greens? Our Seafood Sauce is packed with Cajun flavor… Just blend with your favorite oil and vinegar!

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Louisiana Spicy Green Beans

Asian meets Cajun with these bangin’ beans. Pair ’em with your favorite fish dish, or with a fried chicken sandwich. These beans are mean!

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