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Crunchy Oven Baked Chicken

It’s dinner time and you’ve had a long day. Bring the taste of Louisiana home! Enjoy a special blend of seasonings including, garlic and paprika that delivers a mild, yet distinctive Louisiana taste profile formulated for bake frying –your dinner solution.

Endless Delicious Variations

Air Fryer Hot Chicken Sandwich

How kickin’ is your chicken? Spicy buttermilk batter and a hot sauce glaze bring double the heat to a picnic favorite. Pile it high with pickles for extra zing!

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Fried Chicken Sandwich

This, right here? This is THE chicken sandwich. It is everything a chicken sandwich needs to be. From the golden hue of its perfectly spiced breading, to the pucker of its pickle chips, to the smooth, buttery sweetness of its brioche bun…it’s perfect. Just perfect.

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Big Easy Wings

The Cajun answer to Buffalo wings has arrived! A little Louisiana flair goes a long way in this recipe. Guaranteed to please your game day crew!

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