Introducing Chief Fry
Officer Marcus Spears

Earlier this year, we somehow found ourselves without a leader solely focused on tackling frying. As a well-known fish fry brand, we knew we needed to hire a Chief Fry Officer before any sort of fumble took place.

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, just like Louisiana Fish Fry Products, Marcus Spears — a former Louisiana State University All-American, former defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys and current ESPN football analyst — was the obvious choice for Chief Fry Officer.

“I’ve lived all over the U.S. in my career, and Louisiana and fish frying with Louisiana Fish Fry always reminds me of home,” said Marcus Spears. “Growing up in Baton Rouge, I was always watching my grandmother cook for us. I would watch her fry fish and use ‘the blue bag’ mix, which made it so crispy and flavorful. As I got older and started cooking for myself, I quickly learned the blue bag was Louisiana Fish Fry. So I guess you could say I have a pretty impressive resume to join the team as Chief Fry Officer.”

Marcus will lean on his “Chef Swagu” kitchen skills to offer his expertise in frying to his newly appointed position. He’ll also be sharing his own cooking tips and releasing recipes using his favorite Louisiana Fish Fry Products, all to spread the word that our breadings, sauces and seafood boils are perfect for cooking up delicious meals.

“My go-to Louisiana Fish Fry Products recipe is a fish fry using the Seasoned and Cajun Fish Fry mixes together. They’re great on their own, but when you mix ’em together, that’s where it’s at! When I tell you Louisiana Fish Fry Products’ breadings, sauces and seafood boils are good for the soul, I mean it! They bring the flavor and the spice to the kitchen table.”

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