Chicken Mixes

  • Fantastic! I have been using this product for years. Our local store stopped selling it, now I buy it by the case. love It!
-LoriG - Chippewa Falls, WI (5 out of 5)
  • The store was selling this by mistake. I got the last package. How lucky I was. Thanks so much. This was a FANTASTIC mix!!!
-CJ - Salt Lake City, UT (5 out of 5)
  • I love this Mix but I do believe that deep frying at 325 degrees is a bad idea I crack my deep fryer to 375 degrees. Still the quality of this product is amazing, the only thing to make this better is sending me some coupons.
-Sam - Barstow, CA (5 out of 5)
  • Used to deep fry Wild Turkey strips! Great flavor and easy to use!!
-Abu65 - Cynthiana, KY (5/5)

  • Very easy to use. Will buy it again.
-PAT C - PENRYN, CA (5/5)
  • OMG OMG OMG this stuff is AWESOME! Great flavor the heat comes after you eat it, and it makes such a light, thick, crunchy coating. Absolutely Heavenly!
-Ann B - NM (5/5)
  • I cut chicken breast into strips and coated it according to package instructions followed by the second coating of dry mix. Put on baking sheet at 425 degrees sprayed with fat free spray and what a light-delight it was!
-Wendy w - Kent, WA (4/5)
  • This is the best chicken fry that I have found. After purchasing many different products that I was not pleased with, I figured that there was not any store brought chicken fry that were good. I saw this one & I decided that I would try it. This is by far the best chicken fry on the market!! My family thinks that my chicken taste better than some restaurants.
-Rick L. - Michigan (4.75/5)

  • This is by far the most awesome product I have ever used!! Bot it in the small packages to start, but then realized how much we used and came to the website. We have used it on chicken (of course), turkey, finger steaks and veggies (all deep fried) and it is most awesome!! Thanks for a great product, we love it!!!

-Sue R - Madras, OR (3.75/5)
  • This is the BEST!! chicken fry i found... and where i live all the stores stop carrying it.

-brenthaS - Lompoc,CA (5/5)
  • Excellent product. Could not be easier to use. Do not change anything
-GeneM - Las Vegas NV (5/5)
  • The best chicken fry anywhere!!!
 -chip d - Pahrump nevada (5/5)



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